Cloud Solutions: Storage and Security

Cloud Infrastructure and Security Business Solutions

Just five years ago the idea of a non-physical information storage infrastructure was uncommon and virtually unavailable. The cloud has since exploded onto the scene with innovative solutions for everyone from large companies, small businesses, and even families or individuals. These cloud infrastructure services offer the newest innovation in a new era of information sharing and technology.

The cloud, often misunderstood by anyone who doesn’t live in the technology or data storage realm, is simply a new, more trendy word for the internet. It was originally designed to create a new kind of association with data storage that is completely unlinked from physical storage. When a consumer accesses information, whether data or applications, from the cloud they’re channeling and requesting access to their small allotment of storage in the unattached world of the internet. Business storage on the cloud is a little different simply because of the size of the data investments and needs but they also are accessing their private allotment of space over the internet. The biggest difference is the price that businesses pay for their cloud storage where many private consumers are offered this storage for free or with minimal cost.

Cloud collaboration and cloud security solutions have been highly contested areas of debate as many companies are skeptical to trust a nonphysical storage system. However, this technology has been improved and refined with its boost in popularity and now cloud solutions are seen as equal, if not superior, to more traditional data storage options.

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