Advances in Wireless Intercom Technologies have Inspired New Breed of Tactical Radio Communications

Airforce Planes in Communications Drill

Advancements in technology have rendered many advantages to multiple areas. Military is one such area which has been hugely benefited by use of technologically advanced gadgets and setups. Communication network plays a huge role in Military strategies. Wireless intercom solutions have taken the communications among groups to a whole new level. These don’t require wires, which brings in a lot of ease and comfort. These solutions find a special place in military communications since a group of people can stay in touch over long distances.

Why use wireless intercom?

Wireless intercom solutions play a vital role in the success of tactical radio communications. This is the reason due to which military communications make use of these devices. The following are some of the key benefits wireless intercoms render,

  • The ease at which military tactical communications can go on is the main benefit these solutions provide.
  • When one has to build a wired intercom setup, a lot of money and effort need to be invested. Comparatively, wireless intercoms are economical and can be set up and managed easily.
  • Wireless intercoms make it easy for the communications to take place outdoors. You don’t have to worry about broken connections or damaged wires.
  • Portability is another huge advantage these intercoms bring in which proves to be a great asset to tactical communications. No one has to stay in a certain area to access communication networks. The hand held devices and the main unit can be connected wirelessly and used with ease.
  • Every tactical communication needs some kind of codes to be managed. Many feel that wireless networks are vulnerable to eavesdropping or intrusion attacks. However, this can be combated by the use of encrypted signals or audio streams. This makes it especially helpful for the military personnel to stay clear of enemy’s network intrusions.
  • A very essential part of military communications is coordinated group actions. This is facilitated by the conferencing ability of the wireless intercom setups. Many people can communicate at once. This means that the group can have quick meetings and strategize their moves from wherever they are.
  • Wireless intercom solutions make it possible to have privately channeled tactical communications as well. This means that only previously designated group members will be allowed to talk over the network. Using this method only a selected few can be in touch and communicate without any hassle.
  • Modern wireless intercom setups have become so flexible that they allow the latest devices such as Android phones, iPhone, iPad or iTouch to become the terminal handsets. This means that military personnel need not carry bulky devices around to stay connected to the network.

Most importantly, these services are rendered with no restraints on radio frequency which ensures clear communication passage is available for everyone. The intercoms have the capability to also interface with other external communication setups without any limit on the number. Thus wireless intercom solutions prove to be of great help to military tactical communications.